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Committed to Finding Cures

There is no time to lose in understanding, treating, preventing and searching for cures for neurological disorders, which affect more than one in three individuals during their  lifetime — and the incidence is rapidly increasing. The Institute for Neurological Discoveries rises to that challenge — our research is attacking the very roots of neurological disease.




Older woman and baby

Neurological disorders can affect anyone, from newborns to the elderly.
We are working to transcend the suffering.
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Our expertise includes research in brain injury and repair, neurodegenerative disorders and cognitive
and behavioral health.
• Team-based discovery

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Your donation could help fund neurological research that could transform ideas into treatments and
possible cures.
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Last modified: Aug 27, 2018
About Us

The IND is uniquely positioned to make discoveries to improve the lives of patients who suffer from neurological diseases and injury.

As the regional resource for advancing neuroscience research, the IND, based at KU Medical Center, is all about team-based scientific discovery. The IND unites over 120 basic and clinical neuroscientists in different disciplines from nine institutions to work collaboratively as teams. We are also one of only 15 NIH Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Centers.

Contact us at 913-588-0025